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During your contact lens examination, your doctor will determine whether you are a good candidate for contact lens wear.  Conditions that may affect your success with contact lenses include the magnitude of optical correction you require, dry eye conditions, and ocular allergies.  It is our responsibility to ensure that your contact lenses will not cause any harm to your eyes, as well as provide clear, comfortable, vision.

There are a variety of contact lens brands, designs, modalities, and prescriptions.   When discussing contact lenses, our doctors will consider your lifestyle, visual requirements, and any eye conditions to determine the contact lens that will be most bio-compatible to your eyes. 

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Contact Lens Examination: Services


Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the Doctors at Cumming Vision Care can identify the slightest irregularities to your cornea to ensure the most accurate contact lens assessment.  Small details like this ensure our patients have the highest rate of success with their contact lens wear.  Schedule an exam with one of our doctors today to experience our technology!

Contact Lens Examination: Services
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Contact Lens Examination: Services
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